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Part of design’s appeal is its universal character. Much like art, no matter what corner of the world we call home, it seems to transcend all boundaries. Though fluid and adaptable through its nuances, the modern aesthetic is united by a shared respect for quality and timelessness. These values become the building blocks for great brands worldwide. The result is a constellation of design choices, each with their own unique vantage points, colored by the designers’ history, culture, and traditio

City Running Tours brings ‘sightrunning’ to Chicago

Blake Williams is a bike messenger by day, an actor by trade and a runner at heart. A self-proclaimed jack-of-all-trades, Williams, 31, laces up his sneakers four times a week to lead adventurous and active travelers on running tours around famous Chicago landmarks. He and clients, anyone from fellow Midwesterners to European tourists, will hit the pavement throughout the year, so long as there’s no major snowstorms or ice slicks. “Runners are crazy,” Williams said between breaths as he slowe

Green initiatives benefit pet shelters, but are costly

Many Chicago animal shelters are taking steps towards becoming more eco-friendly, despite the obstacles the spaces face, such as finding sometimes costly lighting and laundry solutions that work for both animals and people. Because of the large numbers of animals taken into shelters annually, the demand for resources is high, and most shelters’ facilities heavily rely on oil and electricity for heat and power, according to the Humane Society of the United States, an animal protection organizati

Our Favorite Couples – Newport Wedding Magazine

This is Love: Our Favorite Couples of All Time At Newport Wedding Magazine, we love love. Who are our favorite love birds? Continue reading to find out. Fifty years ago, one of our favorite couples met on the set of Cleopatra. Elizabeth Taylor starred as the famed Egyptian queen and Richard Burton as her lover, Marc Antony, in the 1963 film. Their tumultuous affair has been revealed through The Richard Burton Diaries, a collection of excerpts from Burton’s journals written before his death in

Q&A: How to Organize a Guest List

He popped the question. Now what? Time to start planning! Judith Carroll of Papers in Newport, RI, explains how to stay organized when getting ready to send out your invitations. When should I start planning my guest list? The guest list is the very first thing a couple should plan, Carroll says, so it should be done a year in advance. A head start is crucial because you’ll need a count for your caterer and for your “paper wardrobe,” or all your Save the Dates, invitations and response sets.